Linda Wold


I believe life is like a wheel, always turning toward closure. Art provides a complementary orb-like image for me. Through play and the intermingling of torn-and-cut papers, including Asian silks, origami, photos, handmade papers, water colors, and some written communications, I manipulate designs.  My juxtaposition of colors and shapes and textures from near and far leads to the unity of and story about a piece. Then a final rendering is embellished with dots or the tiny wheels of life that I like to think of as important exclamation points. To me, these points represent the clarion calls for humanity to actualize meaningfulness while cultivating goodness while we can.

My hope for viewers who interpret the ‘wheels’ in this way is to consider some inspiration or action themselves: Notice and experience ordinary circumstances that turn extraordinary for oneself but more importantly for others. Allow yourself to nourish the spirit by turning bliss inside out in art and daily living.


I am an artist in words and pictures, born into an artsy family whose presence seeped into my soul. My early pleasure in gardening and seeing splendor in flowers influenced my appreciation for the miracle of plant life and the startling array of colors in bloom. This awareness contributed to my developing a telling sense of beauty in nature, books, and visual imagery. In high school and college, I turned to art classes to refine and expand my expression. I realize in reflection that my artistic intelligence incorporating color, design, and visual/written combinations stems from my early experimental gardens and makes me ‘need to create’ to satisfy my inner self.

As a K-Adult literacy educator, I spent a lifetime cultivating the joy of learning in spoken, written, and visual communication systems, always with aesthetics in mind.  It is true that the emotional connections in these systems are similar as they draw upon curiosity, aesthetics, strategic thinking, and imagination. I now use these systems as a foundation for artistic expression—my own interplay of the sights and sounds and patterns around me. By combining words, pictures, audio, and stories in visual-and written-formats, most often through collage and mixed media but also through videography, I am able to capture some of my own journey. I am learning in profound ways how my art reverberates in the loops and rings of the wheels of life toward others and beyond.