Stefanie Buysse


My jewelry is a reflection of what surrounds me every day, nature. It is the inspiration for the art that I create. A constant search to interpret the ideas that I have within myself, where I've been and where I'm going. It is the connection I hope others embrace. I seek the challenge to create harmony, balance and pattern throughout my metal work.

Organic, rustic, freeform - is how I describe my jewelry designs. Each piece I create echoes nature, a combination of both traditional metal smith and modern techniques. I have always desired change. I look for ways to make it happen and I never limit myself to one medium. 

I am a jewelry metal smith, a mixed media painter, a photographer, a business owner, an artist. If there is one thing that I hope to achieve with my art, it is a connection. When a viewer stops in front of my art and takes a moment to reflect on a piece I have created, it is then that I have succeeded in making that connection.


Stefanie Buysse is an independent artist and business owner of Art + Elements. She received her Applied Science Degree in Interior Design in 1998. After years of working from her home she decided in 2007 to open her own storefront/studio located in Mishawaka. Much of her art background comes from years of self-teaching, various media classes and extensive jewelry workshops with nationally known artists J. Fred Woell and Hadar Jacobsen. While running her retail business she dedicates her creative time to working on both her Etched in Metal art as well as her unique jewelry designs. Stefanie has been a member of Chartreuse Artist Co-Op in St. Joseph, Michigan since 2009. Her work is displayed throughout the country in the homes of private collectors and in various commercial venues. She has donated many pieces to area charities over the years. Currently, Stefanie is exploring ceramics and continues to create one-of-a-kind jewelry and mixed media.